Sunday, September 26, 2010

Writing Woes

Been a while since I've posted an update on my writing, but that's because I've been so busy.

My friend, Angelika Devlyn, the one who wrote Black Ice which is the first book in the Dark Kingdom Chronicles, began doing WHAMS. What are WHAMS? We schedule meetings over Yahoo Messenger to discuss and help each other with our writings. We have been working full time on getting me setup with Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and so many more, plus chat time at the Alernative Read Group, I mean we have been BUSY.

Together we have managed to get from a tentative outline with my new book to Chapter One first draft and that's saying a lot. I hope to make this one a fantasy story with humans and demons in private battles.

On the first of October I plan to signup for Holly Lisle's course that will help me over the editing wall. I'll be using my first finished manuscript. Hopefully, it'll come out of this in a salable condition. lol

Till next time, Write...Write...Write