Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Editing and Other Problems

Editing is pure aggravation when it begins involving the elements of writing.

I can do the fixing of grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, time order mistakes, even the occasional paragraph that sounds out of place and needs to find a new home. But when it comes to whether or not the scene works as a hook to make the reader read further, the dialog sounds natural and smooth, whether all the events logically run from one to the other, and whether the description is too much or too little--hair-raising if you ask me. This is just the cream off the top of the milk. Other problems involve whether my characters are acting right, looking right, moving right, and talking right--WOW--this is truly mind-boggling. What to put in and what to leave out is the question.

Such is editing, but without it, the whole book can be ruined.

Wish me luck. This is a very slow process for me.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Published Anthology...

While working on my editing chore, I've had two new short stories published.

Hold Up and Manslaughter have been published in the anthology Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road.

Product Details


Shouldn't be long now...

till I finish Holly Lisle's editing course How To Revise Your Novel. I have learned so much about editing that the next book I write should be easier to fix.

I've already made extensive notes on the series I hope to finish sometime in the near future. For instance, outlines are written some longer than others, notes on what I want and need in each book, an idea for a fourth book but not completely sure about this one [I just may combine this one with the rough draft that is already written for the second book in the series] and that's not all I've got to work with.

However, if I spend all my free time posting news on all my blogs, when will the series ever get finished?

I thank everyone who reads this blog and my others. It would be nice if you were to leave a comment from time to time.

Gotta go to work now. See you later.