Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shouldn't be long now...

till I finish Holly Lisle's editing course How To Revise Your Novel. I have learned so much about editing that the next book I write should be easier to fix.

I've already made extensive notes on the series I hope to finish sometime in the near future. For instance, outlines are written some longer than others, notes on what I want and need in each book, an idea for a fourth book but not completely sure about this one [I just may combine this one with the rough draft that is already written for the second book in the series] and that's not all I've got to work with.

However, if I spend all my free time posting news on all my blogs, when will the series ever get finished?

I thank everyone who reads this blog and my others. It would be nice if you were to leave a comment from time to time.

Gotta go to work now. See you later.

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