Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Creating My Plot

Hi, Friends, I've been working on creating a plot for the last week and need a break. I wanted to let you all know how it's going on with me. Been offline, since I've been working on my book, and miss my friends, but maybe I'll be able to see them all soon.

I am working on Holly Lisle's larger Create a Plot Course. It's much larger than her 4 free lessons involving plotting and therefore covers many more topics like characters, settings, personalities, background info, you name it, it covers the topic. Taking a lot of notes. Of course, these may be just a thing that will confuse me later. Ever write things down then forget why you've written them? Happens to me a lot. lol

Anyways, I believe I'm doing great in this course. I working on it with my book in mind; trying to let the 'Muse' have her, maybe it's a he?, way with my ideas. I'm moving fast but it still seems like slow work. Got my eye on the finished product. Want to entertain and keep the reader moving nicely from page to page. [I think I'd prefer a male Muse so he could take care of the male in the story and I could take care of the female. Right? Good idea?]

I could sure use some prayers from all you friends, so remember me when you talk with God.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My writing...

has tried to become stagnant like a smelly pool of infested water, so I'm trying to revive myself and recreate my first novel. Since I haven't been able to get it published in the shape it's in, I'm going all out with this editing.

I've already mentioned I am using Holly Lisle's How to Revise Your Novel course. To top off this, I have several of her mini courses dealing with plotting, characters, conflict, all kinds of story parts. So last night, late, I began working on her mini plot course and decided to pretend I never wrote the first book yet. Otherwise I'm using my characters from the first novel and a couple of other aspects to begin the plot creation. I want to keep the story I've written and the characters, but I want to find a better way of telling the story. A way that will interest others enough to buy my book when it is published.

So I've finished the mini plot courses and will open the larger Create a Plot course.

Wish me luck.

Attention Writers and anyone else interested...

I found a dandy web site where I can learn personalities of various individuals. This site gives me a great description of the 16 personality types and then adds links where I can learn more about the type, the careers this type would be best in, plus relationships and even how to activate personal growth.

What more could a writer ask for when creating characters? With these pages a writer can choose male or female then read up on the types to choose which type needs to belong to the character to get the story done. On top of that, writers also need to show the character growing and the links to careers, relationships and personal growth will help the writer manage the character's growth. I think these pages are great.

Here's the link...

Now go see what kind of character you can build.  Have fun.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Yep, I am still editing. So? The best writers never let their works go out without doing everything possible to make it the best story they are capable of. Up until a few days ago, I actually believed this. After reading a few negative reviews and reading a book by a supposedly "New York Times Best Selling Author", I've come to seriously wonder what is really going on.

The negative reviews had to do with a novel by Dean Koontz and one by James Patterson. Two very famous authors, I understand. Dean is one of my favorites and I like James Patterson's stories also. So  one review stated perhaps the publisher was pushing the authors to write more than one book a year or maybe they were hard put to come up with any more good ideas and that may be why their latest books were so poorly plotted. After reading my last Dean Koontz novel "Your Heart Belongs to Me", I think perhaps they could very well be pushed so hard, they do not have the rest time needed to produce good work. A mind can only do its limit and any time it works beyond that, the work will suffer the most.

So I ponder these things as I perform the cutting and twisting exercises on my own first novel. I ask, "Is writing a book really worth having my life taken over by someone else, or in this case by a publisher calling the shots and telling me what I have to write and when and how?"

I have a feeling that selfpublishing will rise to the top in these days. At least in the near future, if not before. Well, back to work.