Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Yep, I am still editing. So? The best writers never let their works go out without doing everything possible to make it the best story they are capable of. Up until a few days ago, I actually believed this. After reading a few negative reviews and reading a book by a supposedly "New York Times Best Selling Author", I've come to seriously wonder what is really going on.

The negative reviews had to do with a novel by Dean Koontz and one by James Patterson. Two very famous authors, I understand. Dean is one of my favorites and I like James Patterson's stories also. So  one review stated perhaps the publisher was pushing the authors to write more than one book a year or maybe they were hard put to come up with any more good ideas and that may be why their latest books were so poorly plotted. After reading my last Dean Koontz novel "Your Heart Belongs to Me", I think perhaps they could very well be pushed so hard, they do not have the rest time needed to produce good work. A mind can only do its limit and any time it works beyond that, the work will suffer the most.

So I ponder these things as I perform the cutting and twisting exercises on my own first novel. I ask, "Is writing a book really worth having my life taken over by someone else, or in this case by a publisher calling the shots and telling me what I have to write and when and how?"

I have a feeling that selfpublishing will rise to the top in these days. At least in the near future, if not before. Well, back to work.

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