Thursday, September 5, 2013

What to do? What to do?

For the last 20 years for sure I have been reading and studying about how to write fiction and actually writing fiction. I have been fortunate to have quite a number of short stories printed online and in print. Still I struggled to write that long novel and see it on the shelf at Books A-Million in Lafayette, Louisiana.

It all began about 5 years ago.

I began to notice there were many new writers out there and they put out some great writing, yet they struggled every day to write and find a publisher.

About that same time I noticed how hard it was to find a market to fit my book. It was just as hard to write a book to fit any of the markets. And I knew it was mostly because of the person in that market that had the power to read and reject or accept the writing.

I began to realize I didn't want to spend my time submitting a story 20 some odd times only to accumulate as many rejection slips. Sure if you keep it up you may eventually get someone to accept and publish your MS but isn't that a lot of trouble to go through while trying to write another novel or short story?

Then with all the trouble I've had trying to edit my second book---my first book was typed out on a manual typewriter many years ago and I made so many mistakes and the only way to fix them was to retype the whole page, so I threw the thing away; I couldn't read it---I reached the conclusion that I was enduring a lot of pressure and heartache just on the supposition that my writing would wow a publisher enough for him/her to buy the book.

My writing slacked off a lot during this past two years. I have went through losing 3 family members and realize that death comes when he wants to and I'll never be prepared so why waste my life trying to write to please others. Oh, that book is still in my mind along with several others and may one day be finished...maybe.

Good luck to all you wannabe authors out there. You've written some great tales...some just as good as the best the famous authors have written and you deserve someone to print them out and sell them.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Well, I'm up and at it again. I've been trying to write a final draft for my first novel, but it seems before I can finish it I find enough wrong with it that I have to re-plot--adding events and taking away others. The only good thing about it is the story seems to get better.

When I'm blocked on the novel, I write short stories that seem to come to me whole and complete. I've had several published in two different anthologies: Mouth Full of Bullets which can be found at and Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road which can be found at Of course there is my own short anthology of short stories of various genres Short Stories That Kill Time which can be found at

Well, back to work. Talk later.