Saturday, November 1, 2014

Another day, another word written...

This is more like a diary entry than anything else, but here goes.

I haven't been writing as I ought to. I think it's because I'm in a bayou [figuratively speaking and equivalent to a 'rut']. Seems my late husband was more of an inspiration that I thought.

When my husband was alive, all I had to do was look at him and my imagination would take off. Sometimes a murder story came to mind. Mostly because we seemed to be in a permanent stage of disagreement about everything. But once in a while a romance story would blossom and I'd write and dream it was happening for me. As weird as it sounds, I even got a alien story or two from just looking at him. Yeah, must have been on the days my humor was greatest.

He passed on in 2012, June or July [can never remember exactly which month] and since then, inspiration for writing has been nil. IN fact, since then, seems life has passed me by. I still take care of Pamela, my daughter who is in a coma, but no dreams for a life of my own. I just turned 69 and find the most awesome thing is that I AM 69. Seems such a short time ago that I married and had 6 children to fill my time to overflowing. Now, at a time when I could spend most of my free time on writing, the desire seems to have left me. I sure hope it comes back.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mistakes, and more mistakes

I just reread my last post and found a couple of mistakes that really makes me a tad frustrated.

A writer works and works to get rid of all mistakes and still the post, book, article or whatever is published with a few mistakes included.

We have to remember that we are only human and until the Spell Checker these programs have can actually identify the exact word one is looking for in that exact sentence structure and use the correct spelling of that exact word, I guess we'll just have to put up with a few errors sliding under our watchful eyes.

Don't let mistakes bother you. Write down as quickly as you can the story you want to tell, then painstakingly go through it correcting all the mistakes you can find. If you're luckier than I, you will have a good friend who will read your MS and point out the mistakes you  miss.

Good luck.

In case you didn't know this, I review books and you can find most of my reviews on and my website in the blog there. If you have a published book of any sort or a book in progress that you want someone to read and point out mistakes in, just email me. I do this for free although you have to send me the book or send me a pdf copy of it or of the work in progress. I just like to read. PS I prefer the books because I can carry them wherever I go. I don't have a good electronic reader and no money to purchase one. Besides reading on computers or ebook readers hurt the eyes.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Slow Plowing

It is so infernally slow to go through a novel-length manuscript to edit it. Then, when you finally think it's finished, you submit it to a publisher only to be told it won't work as is and please change this and this and that.

I have come to believe that publishers feel the need to change a story simply because they know that have the power to accept or reject. They are only interested, I think, in showing and feeling that power, not in the outcome of that novel's venture into the public. Too bad.

Dean Koontz, one of my favorite authors, had contracted his previous novels to a different publisher who put new covers on them. The one book I'm thinking about now is the one he titled TICK, TOCK the firs time around because I read it under that title. Then when I bought one of the new editions going under the name of Dragon Tears, I read Dean's AFTERWORD which said the publisher insisted on the name changed from Tick Tock, to Dragon Tears. I thought as Dean thought, there were no mentions of dragons or dragon tears in the book, yet the enemy became known as Tick Tock simply because he always spoke those 2 words when he brought judgment of death on a person. This incident leads me to think that publishers need to feel like they have wrote the book or they want glory of another sort. Or perhaps they just want to show and feel their power over the authors. I think it is all immature most of the time. Sure, the authors know better than to say anything else but, "My agent really helped me see that what I wrote didn't work as well as what she/he suggested." Really?

I guess I may never be published, but that's okay. What I write is what I want to write and I have been assured since the beginning that I should always write what I want to write because if I don't please myself I won't please my audience.

Perhaps I'll just turn my writings into PDFs and give them away on my website.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Writing is Coming Back!

The desire to write is finally coming back. I thought I was dried up for sure. I hope you who are slowing down out there will come back red hot with stories that'll blow every reader's mind. Sure it'll be difficult to get a big house to publish them, but--hey--why not just self publish on a web site as PDFs for cheap. If you are not a well-known author this may be a good way to become known.

One day last week, I felt compelled to write down my memories of my childhood. I couldn't douse the idea so I started a new word processing document entitled MY LIFE STORY. I may or may not put pictures in appropriate spots. I may just turn it into a book allowing another writer to write it up for me. One of those As told by... stories.

Not sure of that yet. Then there is that book I had started before the urge to write fled last year. THE HOUSE THAT RED BUILT...a story of my father-in-law. Trouble I had with this one was I couldn't think of one good thing to say and I didn't want to write just the bad things. Someone suggested I make-up a few good things, but...that doesn't seem quite right. So I may work on that some.

I still have my short story book on   SHORT STORIES THAT KILL TIME. Go on over and search for it. You may not like all of the short stories in there, but, even if I say so myself, there are some real interesting stories there. You can get a very cheap PDF version of it.  I also have a couple of mighty good stories in a book on called MOUTH FULL OF BULLETS-Best of Year One. Should be able to get a PDF of that one as well.  Also look on for a book called WRITERS ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD. In this volume, various authors tell a myriad of stories fitting various genres. Warning: some of the stories may be erotic. In fact, the word erotic shows up on the cover. But not all of the stories have sex in them. Mine surely don't.

Okay, writers, chin up, fingers bent over your typewriter or keyboard keys, READY, SET, GO-O-O!!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Writing is hard

That's what I said...Writing is hard.

If one could just sit down and tell the story...

Initially, one does sit down and tell the story, then re-write, re-write, re-write to make it into something someone else believes will sell. By the time all the edits have been done, the story no longer sounds like the one the author wanted to tell. It is now actually a story the publisher would tell for it is rewritten to please him/her.

But that is not the hardest part. The hardest part is trying to find someone to buy it. Fashion it as close as possible to what a publisher wants and that is no guarantee the publisher will buy it.

We go through hells fire and for what? 20-100 rejection slips? Why do we suffer through this?

So the question is now for me---Should I write another story that will never be published?