Saturday, March 8, 2014

Writing is Coming Back!

The desire to write is finally coming back. I thought I was dried up for sure. I hope you who are slowing down out there will come back red hot with stories that'll blow every reader's mind. Sure it'll be difficult to get a big house to publish them, but--hey--why not just self publish on a web site as PDFs for cheap. If you are not a well-known author this may be a good way to become known.

One day last week, I felt compelled to write down my memories of my childhood. I couldn't douse the idea so I started a new word processing document entitled MY LIFE STORY. I may or may not put pictures in appropriate spots. I may just turn it into a book allowing another writer to write it up for me. One of those As told by... stories.

Not sure of that yet. Then there is that book I had started before the urge to write fled last year. THE HOUSE THAT RED BUILT...a story of my father-in-law. Trouble I had with this one was I couldn't think of one good thing to say and I didn't want to write just the bad things. Someone suggested I make-up a few good things, but...that doesn't seem quite right. So I may work on that some.

I still have my short story book on   SHORT STORIES THAT KILL TIME. Go on over and search for it. You may not like all of the short stories in there, but, even if I say so myself, there are some real interesting stories there. You can get a very cheap PDF version of it.  I also have a couple of mighty good stories in a book on called MOUTH FULL OF BULLETS-Best of Year One. Should be able to get a PDF of that one as well.  Also look on for a book called WRITERS ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD. In this volume, various authors tell a myriad of stories fitting various genres. Warning: some of the stories may be erotic. In fact, the word erotic shows up on the cover. But not all of the stories have sex in them. Mine surely don't.

Okay, writers, chin up, fingers bent over your typewriter or keyboard keys, READY, SET, GO-O-O!!!