Friday, June 27, 2014

Slow Plowing

It is so infernally slow to go through a novel-length manuscript to edit it. Then, when you finally think it's finished, you submit it to a publisher only to be told it won't work as is and please change this and this and that.

I have come to believe that publishers feel the need to change a story simply because they know that have the power to accept or reject. They are only interested, I think, in showing and feeling that power, not in the outcome of that novel's venture into the public. Too bad.

Dean Koontz, one of my favorite authors, had contracted his previous novels to a different publisher who put new covers on them. The one book I'm thinking about now is the one he titled TICK, TOCK the firs time around because I read it under that title. Then when I bought one of the new editions going under the name of Dragon Tears, I read Dean's AFTERWORD which said the publisher insisted on the name changed from Tick Tock, to Dragon Tears. I thought as Dean thought, there were no mentions of dragons or dragon tears in the book, yet the enemy became known as Tick Tock simply because he always spoke those 2 words when he brought judgment of death on a person. This incident leads me to think that publishers need to feel like they have wrote the book or they want glory of another sort. Or perhaps they just want to show and feel their power over the authors. I think it is all immature most of the time. Sure, the authors know better than to say anything else but, "My agent really helped me see that what I wrote didn't work as well as what she/he suggested." Really?

I guess I may never be published, but that's okay. What I write is what I want to write and I have been assured since the beginning that I should always write what I want to write because if I don't please myself I won't please my audience.

Perhaps I'll just turn my writings into PDFs and give them away on my website.