Saturday, April 4, 2015


I know the majority of the world's population had to have been on a seesaw at one time or another. As children we used to place a board on a barrel we had laid on its side. We would hop on the ends and go at it. A barrel created a lot of laughter because it wanted to roll one way or another and it was loads of fun.

Well, today I feel a though I am on a seesaw. It has been a long time since I wrote in this blog so I went to view the last few entries. One day I felt I had lost all desire to write when my husband died, a month or so later, I felt the desire returning, and now I feel empty again. But I am still trying to write, to play, to crochet, to sew, to paint, whatever grabs me on any day. I also tinker with my family tree pedigree, but that is not going so well.

I can hear all my writer friends over at Alternative Read as they say...You just cannot give up. Keep at it. Inspiration will come back, for sure. I believe them, so I will begin on a new story soon.

Keep your chin up and your fingers on the keyboard. Good luck to all the new writers out there who are trying to break in to the business of writing and selling.